Self care.

What does self care mean to you? Life is so hectic and busy. It is easy to get caught up in life and say “I’m too busy for that. I’m too busy to sit and relax. I’m too busy to even take time out of the day for myself.” The truth is that self care doesn’t mean taking a large chunk out of your day always. Self care doesn’t mean having some big nighttime routine every night. To me, it means implementing a couple things into your day here and there that help YOU feel like YOU are taking care of YOU.

When my kids were all younger a couple of years ago, I would be trying to rock multiple children to sleep every evening and at the end of the day sometimes, I would just crawl into bed and pass out without doing a single thing for myself all day. Some days I literally went to sleep in the same leggings I had already worn all day! It felt like I was in survival mode always.

I started to implement these simple things I am going to list below and I can feel a drastic difference. I don’t feel like I am running myself ragged so much every day. Of course, it is important to also take a day to relax sometimes or a few hours at the least. I suggest getting your nails done or going on a lunch date with a friend when you have the opportunity.  Shopping by yourself in peace (or with a friend) can also be a good way to relax. It’s important to remember life can’t be all work all of the time! If we keep ourselves busy nonstop with no time to relax, then what are we doing all of that hard work for?

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1. Go outside.

I like to spend 10-15 minutes outside in the morning while I drink my coffee. If I don’t get to do that, I try to do that in the evening (maybe with a glass of wine instead. Sauvignon Blanc has been my go-to lately!).

2. Care for your skin.

Let’s pretend like we all practice a great skincare routine every day… Besides that, it is nice to take the extra time out, maybe once or twice a week, to do a good face mask. THESE are good for moisturizing and THIS one is good for purifying. I also could not live without THESE gold collagen eye masks now that I found out about them. I have been using them for at least a year now. They have greatly improved my terrible dark circles and dry skin under my eyes!! The eye masks work WONDERS! I panic when I run out now! haha

3. Phone a friend.

Sometimes you just need a minute in the day to call a good friend or call your mom, whoever you usually confide in… I know that can be a good “pick me up” in the middle of a difficult day.

4. Take a hot shower.

I am sure you shower frequently already… I mean hopefully!! But usually once a week, I try to remember to exfoliate in the shower using something like this salt scrub (click). After doing that, I make sure I moisturize well when I get out. My skin usually feels like NEW! Sometimes I skip a week and then, I wonder how I had gone so long before without doing it (before I knew alll about skincare and exfoliating).

5. Read a book.

This is one that I need to try to remember more often when I am feeling overwhelmed. Taking 10-15 minutes to read a book can really help clear your mind and feel calm. I know there always seem like there are so many books I want to read and I never have time to read all of them. Setting a timer and spending a little bit of time here and there reading could help me actually finish reading some of the books on my list!

(^That is one thing I like about blogging… Makes me self-analyze!) One book I reviewed recently is called Girl, Wash Your Face. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Check out my review post!

A couple of other things that I like to do in the evening are tint my eyebrows OR maybe apply some self tanner (more so in the Spring when I am trying not to blind people the first time I wear shorts for the year!!). The cost of having a salon/spa take care of your eyebrows can add up. I try to do them myself at home instead. Tinting my eyebrows has made a huge impact and it has actually shortened my overall time applying makeup in the mornings. All I did was buy THIS eyebrow kit off of Amazon (It has 20 uses!). It’s so easy! I almost don’t need to fill in my brows with makeup now.

Let me know if you try any of my suggestions above! If you have any other tips to add to my list, feel free to make a comment below! I would love to hear from you!

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    I really need to focus on skin care and on myself. It is essential and thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Avatar Author

      Thank you so much for the comment, Nisha! Skincare is very important! Our skin is our largest organ so it’s important to take care of it 🙂

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