For close to 3 years, I have been trying all different brands and types of faux lashes. First, I tried the typical drugstore brands of eyelashes from the drugstore or grocery stores like Kiss, Ardell, and Vegas Nay lashes. I have also ordered multiple different brands from Amazon. I even went on AliExpress and tried to order some of those cheap packs of 6-8 pairs of lashes for like $3…

After all of that, I thought I had finally found the perfect pair of lashes. They lasted months with gentle washing. When I decided to order more though, I placed an order on Amazon for the same pair. When they arrived, they were completely different. The company had changed all of their lashes. None were the same. I was relatively upset by this… more than I should be over some faux lashes…

Anyway, it led me to order some Arsense Lashes from Amazon. I actually think these are even better than my last pair of favorite lashes. They definitely trump all of the drugstore brands of lashes. Recently, I had to go back to buying some from Target in a pinch. I bought a couple different pairs of Vegas Nay and I couldn’t even begin to compare them to the Arsense Lashes from Amazon. I am not sure how I ever got by with just drugstore lashes!

Here is the link for the lashes (#3D008):

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They are pricier than the drugstore lashes. However, the quality of the lashes from Amazon is so much better. They will last you much longer and hold up much better than the drugstore lashes. The cost difference is worth it.

My favorite eyelash glue is DUO Brush-On Lash Adhesive . One of my favorite makeup artists, Beauty by Bianca (link to her FB page where she frequently does live videos), recommends this lash glue. She always says it will keep your lashes on for any crazy night you have ahead of you! I believe it. And a little goes a long way. If you put too much, I have actually had it yank out a real eyelash or two so I recommend only using a little and being gentle when removing.

I am actually starting to get tired of gluing lashes on… I have been tempted to try to out eyelash extensions. Have you tried eyelash extensions? What do you think of them? Are they worth the cost? That is the biggest thing I am trying to decide… if they are worth the cost. Eyelash extensions seem like they could be a good idea for the summertime when I am usually on the go.

If you get the lashes I mentioned above or if you tried them previously, let me know your opinions! Leave a comment 🙂

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