Hello you guys!!! Here’s my very first post!

I know that this is not going to be a post that is searched for and found on Google. I know this is not a post that I am going to pin to Pinterest. I know this is not a post I am going to expect any interest for in general. But I wanted to do a first post just to start this blog off! This isn’t really an introduction or anything. If you want to read an introduction, feel free to visit my ABOUT ME page! 🙂

I am so VERY excited to be trying my hand at blogging! I read many blogs and I have always thought about starting my own. I actually did launch my own blog previously and created a handful posts before life just became too busy to keep up… I won’t name the name of that blog since I ended up hating it in the end… Ughhh picking names for things always seems so serious and involves so much commitment that it overwhelms me! True story: I picked a name for one of my daughters and a couple months later started second guessing it! Although people have done the whole name change thing after birth before, I thought it would be too odd for family members and everyone to deal with… Her name has since grown on me though and I couldn’t imagine calling her anything other than that.

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked! I do follow quite a few blogs regularly now. I think there is so much to learn through blogs! I love reading about different people’s perspective on things. It is one of my favorite things about blogs. The first blog I think I ever followed was The Money Saving Mom. She is so practical and professional. She does such a good job covering all forms of social media and juggling live videos and just everything! I have learned so much through following her. She now has another blog called Your Blogging Mentor and that is continuing to help me learn about this blogging process today. I highly recommend her sites! I hope to take all of the courses she offers eventually.

I think that is honestly where I went wrong when I launched my last blog… I launched that blog 4 years ago, I think it was… At that time, I had read blogs here and there or read an article on a blog that I stumbled across after doing a Google search for something. Yet, I just didn’t really religiously follow any blogs. Since then, I have been faithfully following a handful of blogs. I have come a long way in my knowledge of blogging since then!

I do have to say though that launching that one blog previously did help me fast track myself to this new blog as far as all of the technical stuff went. So I am grateful for that previous experience in a way! Now, I can start this new blog and take this seriously and put some real effort into this. LET’S DO THIS!

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