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Audiobooks are brilliant! (I know I’m really behind on this technology haha) I first heard about audiobooks forever ago, years probably even… Why did I never get into listening to audiobooks? Who knows! With young children, I guess I didn’t think I would be able to sit down and listen to hours and hours of audio. Recently, it dawned on me though that I spend countless hours commuting back and forth in the car. I spend time driving up north to my family’s house, driving kids to school, and picking them up and being stuck in that long pick up line.  I started with the “Girl Wash Your Face” book by Rachel Hollis (link).

Before I downloaded Audible onto my phone, I had never been able to read even one book in a month. I mean I’m a busy mom… But not only that, I am in school and I spend a multitude of hours reading textbooks and writing papers. Reading a book “just for fun” (like this “Girl Wash Your Face”) hasn’t been on my agenda for a while. I can now listen for fun instead!

This has allowed me to get through the books that I’ve been wanting to read. I’m doing this all while fitting it into my schedule in my little bit of free time. I’m just excited that I can finally read all of these books that I’ve been missing out on. Most importantly, I can start reading them and finish the book in an acceptable amount of time before I forget what the start of the book even said… I used to start a book and I would pick it up so infrequently. This made it tough to follow what was happening in the story.

Audiobooks are a lifesaver! This book, “Girl Wash Your Face” has such great ratings. I saw it being mentioned all over especially all over my social media and Facebook groups (aka where I get most of my great info and recommendations! haha).

The Good & The Bad (Reviews)

Now, I have seen good reviews and bad reviews on this “Girl Wash Your Face.” I was curious and wanted to read it myself! Good reviews on “Girl Wash Your Face” (link) would say that Hollis explained numerous aspects of what it means to be a woman, aspects that tend to go unmentioned.

In contrast, negative reviews came in various forms. One negative review said, “All she does is state the obvious. Basically, every woman should know these things already.” The review went on to suggest that the whole book was pointless ramblings, a waste of time for both the author and the reader.

Another negative review said that the thing was just one big brag book. They said that the author wrote this for attention or to attempt to gain respect as if the sole purpose of the book was to show all of her readers how much she had accomplished in her lifetime. I definitely did not take it like that! On the contrary, her tone and the way she presented the information made it come off like “If I can do it, then you can too!”

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One other negative review that I thought was really interesting pointed out how Hollis claims to be a Christian woman; Hollis was the daughter of a Pastor. The reviewer said that Hollis’ book did not give off that tone. The reviewer argued if Hollis was a Christian woman that she would be putting the emphasis on relying on God/Jesus. He/she thought Hollis should know that you cannot do everything in life without God/Jesus. He/She said that Hollis’ emphasis in the book was that you ARE capable and that you CAN do everything on your own. However, the reviewer thought that was the WRONG message; the reviewer thought the book’s message should essentially be, “You CAN do everything… with the help of God/Jesus.”

I do realize that some people are very religious and they believe this thinking is the only way. The purpose of “Girl Wash Your Face”, however, is to give women confidence; to get them to stop being their own worst enemy; to get them to stop tearing themselves down! I do know she does mention some religious things throughout the book. I guess that is what left the book open to religious scrutiny. This religious reviewer was expecting a very Christian book I think. I guess the publishing company is a Christian company so I see why that was expected…

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My Personal Opinions and Review

Here is my honest review of the book… While some of what Hollis says does seem obvious, I think it seems obvious due to the fact that we all think these thoughts every day. Yet, many of us choose not to say them aloud. Every woman I know (including myself) over scrutinizes themselves each and every day.

I go to bed thinking “if only I had gotten the floors mopped today… if only I had trimmed the bushes outside… if only I had spent more time playing with my kids…” I am constantly feeling guilty about something I didn’t get done; something unnecessary and something that I piled onto my to-do list that was already a mile long. Women, moms, etc. need to learn to be a little more forgiving and take care of themselves a little more. This book, “Girl Wash Your Face,” says all of the things we think and don’t say. It helps us figure out which of these “lies” we tell ourselves and which we need to work on.

I am not an emotional person. Yet, I felt myself practically breaking down at certain points in the book. Deep down I KNEW I was also struggling with these things in my current season of life. No friend or family member of mine has ever been able to talk to me about these things and bring up those kinds of thoughts and emotions. As a result, it made me realize that there are some matters in my life I need to change. I know a book is good when it evokes so much emotion, when it helps me improve on myself, and when I take away such valuable information.

I am constantly trying to grow and improve myself. Any book that can help me do that is one worth reading in my opinion! If you are not feeling overwhelmed or stressed in your daily life, maybe “Girl Wash Your Face” won’t be useful to you… If you feel like you have life completely under control, maybe you aren’t in an overwhelming season of life… After reading this book, you may come to those conclusions!

However, you may also be one of those woman like me who THINKS you have it all under control and THINKS that you are not stressed out. I was one that thought I was keeping the stress to a manageable level… If you are the latter, then this book may bring up a lot of emotions for you. If you have such a reaction, then you will realize that you are overwhelmed and you could heed a lot of the advice in this book, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” and improve some things. Either way, it’s worth a read!

If you have already read”Girl Wash Your Face”, please let me know what you thought of it! I would love to hear other people’s opinions. AND if you read this book as a result of my review specifically, please comment below! I would love to hear that my review helped you make the decision to read this book.

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    I’ve never tried Audible before but I’ve often wondered what it would be like to listen to some books during my commute. I already listen to podcasts so I imagine it would be quite similar but more structured. Thanks for this great post!

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    I’m reading it right now and loving it. I love her more conversational tone and how readily she admits to the flaws in her life and thinking. She seems to cover most of the topics that I see myself and many of my friends struggle with.

    1. Avatar Author

      I also loved her tone! I listened to the audiobook and loved hearing her talk about her struggles. You could hear it in her voice. She does a great job being so relatable.

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