I’ve seen it happen too often when you start to feel like you’ve hit a wall. You start to feel run down. You sit there at night in the calm after all of the kids have finally fallen asleep (and possibly your spouse too) and you wonder how you’re supposed to keep up with it all… How are you going to be the best mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc. all at the same time. You’ve stopped making yourself a priority. You NEED to implement self-care into your routine.

You need to make yourself a priority. The key is to take care of yourself too!


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You cannot keep up with it all if you do not take some time for yourself. If you don’t, every day will seem to bring more exhaustion and be increasingly insufferable. You will move closer and closer to burn out. Too often I see mothers saying how they’ve been so caught up in taking care of their sick family yet they’ve just seemed to get sicker and sicker. Or, that they didn’t even realize how sick they were until they wound up in the hospital since they were so busy taking care of their own family. Taking care of our families is impressive and respectable but we cannot let it overtake our lives so much that we put our own health and well-being, mentally and physically, on the back burner. Even though taking care of our family makes us happy, it can also make us EXHAUSTED.

There are many articles out there regarding this and regarding self-care for mothers now. I feel like this is starting to be a trending topic more recently (it’s about time!). I find it necessary to write another article to add to the sea of articles already out there because it seems that sometimes mothers are in denial about needing to put themselves first on occasion. So I’m writing this article to tell you: YES! You do need to be a little selfish from time to time. And YES you do need to put yourself first occasionally. It’s necessary. It’s normal. Do not feel bad for doing it! If you take care of yourself, you will come back and take care of your responsibilities even better. Self-care will make your responsibilities seem less overwhelming. Your family will benefit from it.

Here are a couple quotes I like that puts self-care into perspective:

There. READ that and BELIEVE that.

If this is a discussion you need to have with your partner, definitely do so ASAP! It is a conversation worth having. Even though you may believe that they must know how you feel or even if you think you have told them before, it is still important to have that conversation and reiterate.

You matter! Your family needs you and you are not able to take care of them to the best of your ability if you burn out. For some self-care ideas, check out my other blog post called: 5 Quick & Simple Self-Care Activites (link)!

Let me know what your favorite self-care activities are! I am always looking for more ideas!

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