Warm weather= outdoor toys!

Finally. I live in the Midwest and it seems like it has been taking foreeeeever for it to get warm out! We have been having pretty consistent weather around in the 70’s for at least a couple weeks now. I am so thankful that we can now make use of our outdoor toys again. It seems like we have lived in the cold for the past SIX months… That’s outrageous. I was beginning to snap things like “Sooo is this just my life now?!?” with all of the random blizzards and daily freezing temperatures even through April…

Now that it is warm my family has been trying to make a point to get outside and play almost daily. That is all my kids talk about! Yesterday it poured rain nonstop and they just kept looking outside saying “I think the rain stopped!!” (when it clearly hadn’t…) I felt bad. It was pitiful! It’s back to sunny weather today though and they are having a blast outside as we speak (or rather type…)

I have been keeping a mental, running list of some inexpensive outside toys for the kids. They currently have a handful of outdoor toys, new & used, but I have been looking for smaller, inexpensive things that I can get them to keep their interest outside throughout the whole summer. (Thinking a nice wooden swingset may need to be our next big purchase!) It is always nice to have various things around to keep the kids entertained so you can have a minute to just sit and relax. I like to take the time they are occupied to maybe drinking my coffee before its cold, make a phone call that I’ve been needing to make without someone yelling “Mom!” every second, or just take a minute to collect my own thoughts sometimes. Life can be stressful!

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OKAY! So here is my top 20 list of best outdoor toys under $50!

1. Water Beads

A little of these go a LONG way! Learn from my mistakes haha We put them in the water table outside when the kids start to lose interest in just plain water.

2. Water Blob

I am ordering one of these now but I have seen a lot of moms recommend them. I’ve heard they provide hours of fun!

3. Flower Sprinkler

You can never go wrong with a good sprinkler. It is the next best thing to a pool. It is even better than a pool for little kids in my opinion because you don’t have to worry about them possibly drowning then!

4. Water Table

This is the same water table we have. We have had it for at least a couple of years now. All 3 of my kids will literally spend hours playing with it outside every day. It just does not get old to them! I am so glad we bought this!

5. T-ball Set

My girls have this one and love it! Although, I have to be honest and say there is an occasional (plastic) bat to the head when a passerby doesn’t watch where they’re going! OOPS! But they always shake it off…

6. Slide

This is the perfect toddler slide, not too small but not too big where you have flashes of your child possibly plummeting over the side onto their little head *insert wailing emoji here*

7. Cozy Coupe Car

This hovers right around $45-50 on Amazon. It is frequently on sale though. It says retail is $55-58 though if not on sale. If it isn’t on sale at the time, I would check back later.

8. Bike/Trike

This is a really basic trike. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, we love our pink Radio Flyer trike. HERE is one for $55 actually. Not too bad!

9. Sand Box

I prefer the ones that are off of the ground like this so the kids don’t actually end up sitting in the dirt and rolling around in it and getting it in every crack! If you want to splurge a little, THIS one sells for $55.

10. Bubbles

You can NEVER have too many bubbles! My kids go through bubbles like none other… Most of it ends up on the ground more than in the air ever but hey, they have fun with it. We usually buy these bubble wands individually whenever we are at the store but this set of 12 seems like a great deal! Then, you have plenty to keep around on short notice.

11. Water balloons

These quick & easy to fill water balloons seem like the way to go! AND for under $8.

12. Kids swimming pool

That’s the one we had last year that worked well for us! It’s decently small, a good size for toddlers. I think this year we are going to try out one of these inflatable fun zone pools: DINOSAUR, RAINBOW, or CANDY. We had one 2 years ago that the kids and their friends had a blast with!

13. Sidewalk chalk

That’s some plain ‘ol sidewalk chalk BUT sidewalk chalk has actually come a long way since I was young. There is now GLITTER sidewalk chalk! Who knew?! I am definitely getting this for the kids to try out.

14. Toy lawnmower

This isn’t anything special but my kids love to pretend like they are also mowing the lawn and follow along. It’s actually really cute!

15. Flying disc

These are great because they are a softer material and lightweight. We all know frisbees can hurt if you’re hit with one so this helps. It is also easier for a young kid to hold and throw versus the hard, heavy plastic ones.

16. Kids picnic table

This one is pretty basic and plastic. I do think you can buy an umbrella for this picnic table which is one way it stands out from the other kids picnic tables out there. There are 2 other options if you want to splurge a little (unless they happen to be on sale right now): THIS one folds up for easy storage and THIS one is wooden which is my personal fave!

17. Sprinkle and splash mat

We had one of these before we left it at a friends house previously but its such a great invention. It was perfect for those days in the summer where we wanted to hang out around home and didn’t feel like running our kids over to the splash pad again.

18. Rainbow streamers

This is not necessarily just an outdoor toy but it can be played with outside and taking it outside allows the kids more room to jump around with it!

19. Toy garden tools

My kids have almost this same exact set. I don’t theirs are this brand necessarily but the same concept and these are rated well! They have a blast copying us adults doing yard work. Wait until they grow up and realize yard work isn’t really all fun and games!

20. Critter kit

I ALWAYS had fun with these when I was little. I think it’s time I pass on the tradition.

That’s my comprehensive list of what has kept my kids occupied in the backyard! I am going to refer back to this for myself and hopefully keep it updated with new things I come across but I will also take down or put up what has or has not been working for us! TIP: If you see something that is currently listed over $50, check into “other sellers” for a deal on an Amazon Warehouse item!

We even take some of these things with us on a trip to the park. Bubbles are even great to take to the zoo with you! Bubbles just make life more fun honestly… haha

Leave me a comment if you got anything on my list OR just let me know what YOUR kids’ favorite outdoor toys are. We are always looking for fun new things!

Thanks and THANK YOU for taking the time to read one of my posts! 🙂

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