Hello! In every single one of my Facebook groups, I see one topic being discussed over and over. That is how to work at home. I have tried my hand at different work at home jobs. Some of them I actually really liked. I will try to go in depth about my experiences at some of these companies. But first I want to link my favorite website to check on current work at home positions. That site is: Rat Race RebellionThat is the only site I trust for legitimate work at home positions. They verify work at home jobs and seem to usually contact the employers to make sure it is not a scammer situation. Many times, they also have salary information listed.

The people at Rat Race Rebellion just seem to do most of the legwork so that you have ALL of the information you need to decide if the position is a good fit for you. This allows you to apply confidently instead of going in blind and having one million questions (you’re probably too afraid to ask!) for your potential employer. I have used that website to find all of the positions I’m about to list. I have had all of these over the past 5 years:

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Here is the list of work at home jobs I have had some sort of experience with:

  1. Appen Butler Hill – Crowdsourcing – This job consists of doing various little tasks. They randomly offer these jobs. I get an email when a new task is available. Payment seems to be around $5 or so usually, nothing crazy. I haven’t done any task for them in forever but I still get emails offering me jobs! So it is pretty lenient. The most recent job offer I received was offering me $5 for a short 5-10 minute survey task just to give you an example.
  2. Leapforce – Web Search Evaluator – If you haven’t heard of this job title before, it is hard to explain. You basically analyze search engine (i.e. Google) results and you evaluate relevancy. You help the company make improvements to the searches. Sometimes these search results need a human touch.
  3. Rev – General Transcriptionist – I did this on and off for longer than all of the other jobs. They are VERY casual here. There are no job completion requirements. When you claim a job, then there is a strict turn around time but they give you plenty of time and it is adjusted depending on the length of the job you claimed. I like that you can claim really short audio too in case you don’t feel like doing an hour-long audio. Pay ranges by the difficulty of audio, maybe $0.45 to $1/min of audio (for verbatim). The one con to Rev is that unfortunately MOST of their audio is pretty difficult to hear if you’re a beginner. But there are easier jobs, just have to snatch them up quickly when they’re posted! The one good thing about Rev is that I probably haven’t done a job for Rev in 2 years and I still have an active account with them! I don’t know if that is normal… They are supposed to delete inactive accounts I thought but I also have heard others say that their account still worked after being inactive forever. I appreciate that this is a very lenient company. You can come and go as you please. It might just be something nice to keep around for when you are short on cash. Last time I did a job, they were paying through Paypal. That could have changed by now. I believe you got paid weekly for all of the jobs completed the week prior.
  4. GMR Transcription – Medical Transcriptionist – (GMR also has a general transcription position [no experience needed]; the pay is higher for medical though) – I was able to get this job since I did take a transcription course in school previously. I have a certificate in Medical Transcription and one year of experience following school. I did like this job but they had stricter demands for the positions when I tried doing it 4 or 5 years ago. The turn around time was hard to keep up with. They gave you the audio one morning and wanted it back by the next morning. I believe that was 4 or 5 days a week. I was trying to start into transcription again and I was still rather slow at the time. It just felt like I was working nonstop or caring for my babies nonstop without any breaks. I really liked my manager though and enjoyed working here. I told them my concerns about the turnaround time and they were really nice. They said that I could let them know if I ever changed my mind and wanted to come back! I see now since then that they have changed their requirements and the turnaround times are not as strict!
  5. LiveOps Customer Service (Call Center) Agent- I actually never technically started this job. My application was accepted and I did start training for it. After reading through some of the training, I started to realize I really didn’t want to be in customer service on my phone all day and having to try to upsell people and be “salesy.” Although, the positive to this one is that it did pay per minute of talk time so you could be sure you were paid fairly for your time. That’s a little more difficult to do on transcription or virtual assistant work since those are paid per task. For those, sometimes one job ends up being more difficult than the last and you feel jipped on pay.
  6. Fancy Hands – Virtual Assistant – I did this one very briefly as well. Fancy Hands is an on-demand virtual assistant platform. You are paid per task. It is pretty casual. I can’t remember if there are even any daily/weekly demands for how much you have to work. It is really lenient. However, they pay you pennies for your work which makes it not feel worth your time. If I can barely make minimum wage even, then I feel like I should maybe spend my time elsewhere. If you are in NEED of a little extra money here and there, then it could be worth it to you. Or maybe you just want something to keep you occupied or help you gain some experience… This could serve that purpose.
  7. QKids– ESL (English Second Language) Teacher – THIS! This would have been the perfect job! I highly recommend you apply for this job!! You make good money: $16 hourly base, but $20 hourly if you include the performance bonuses. I, unfortunately, had ridiculous technical issues right after starting with them. I ended up having to get a new internet provider all together and finally figured out the issue. But the time frame just took too long for them to be able to work with me, which I completely understood though! They were very understanding and seemed like GREAT people to work for. I highly recommend them! They interview you through live video chats. You use their software/application for your work as well as their training (training is paid) and trial classes. Literally, the only downside to this job is that since the students are across the globe you have to wake up VERY early in the morning (start at 5 am) and be on their schedule (which is understandable, just hard some days especially if you have babies who wake all night still!).

All of the work at home jobs above can be done with little to no experience. The only one that does have a requirement is QKids. They require that you be pursuing a degree currently or that you already have a degree. That’s it! All of the jobs above I HAVE received payment from before so I can vouch for their legitimacy! 

In the end, I ultimately decided in the end that I really do not have enough extra time to devote to keeping up with a work at home job that made it worthwhile. Maybe if I could make enough to afford to put my kids in daycare part of the day. I think I just need to be patient and wait for some of them to get into full-time school. Being currently enrolled in college classes, trying to finish up my Bachelor’s degree, and having three little ones at home makes it difficult to add working on top of that. Trying to juggle all of that and a work at home job was making me incredibly impatient with my family and too overwhelmed.

Instead, I started to focus on “pinching pennies” and saving in other areas like cooking a whole chicken and making my own broth out of the bones. Then, I could use the chicken in my meal planning for the week… things like that. I also made sure I was selling anything we weren’t using that could be worth something, like baby items after we were done with them, etc.

Hopefully, my experiences can help someone else find the right fit for them though! If you have any questions for me regarding these work at home jobs I listed, please leave me a comment! I will be happy to try to help 🙂

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