As a blogger now, it’s important to get more specific with your Pinterest boards. I have read that it is important to have 50-70 boards to pin a variety of pins. For example, instead of a board called “Beauty,” you would want to list separate ones for Nails, Hair, Skincare, Makeup, etc. This is important because over time you will add thousands of pins to these boards. If you ever want to go back and find a recipe you pinned, it’s going to be impossible to search through 10,000 pins!

Having a multitude of boards to add pins to also allows you to pin one of your blog posts to multiple boards if it covers multiple topics. For example, your post might include ideas for nails and hair so you could pin it to those two boards. However, if your board was just called “Beauty,” then you would just pin it once initially. So specific board titles give you an excuse to pin your pins multiple times at once!

Make your Pinterest board titles more specific!

For this post, I have compiled a list of 30 ideas for your Pinterest board title. Hopefully, this helps some bloggers out there! Recently, I spent a significant amount of time researching Pinterest so I thought I should share this information and offer some of my own ideas on the subject.

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Here are the 30 Pinterest board title ideas:

  1. Beauty: Nails
  2. Beauty: Hair
  3. Beauty: Makeup
  4. Beauty: Skincare
  5. Fall
  6. Winter
  7. Summer
  8. Spring
  9. Blogger Pinterest Tips
  10. Taxes & Legalities of Blogging
  11. Planning
  12. Home Organization
  13. Recipes: Dinner
  14. Recipes: Lunch
  15. Recipes: Breakfast
  16. Recipes: Dessert
  17. Recipes: Snacks
  18. Recipes: Drinks
  19. Recipes: Alcoholic Drinks
  20. Travel: Local
  21. Travel: Around the World
  22. Health & Fitness
  23. At Home Workouts
  24. Motivational Quotes
  25. Self-Care Quotes
  26. Home Decor
  27. Book Reviews/Books to Read
  28. Printables
  29. DIY Projects
  30. Craft Ideas

Can you think of any other Pinterest board titles/names/categories to add to this list? I need to add about 20 more boards to Pinterest. It is difficult trying to get specific with names. Let me know what your ideas are!

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