Do you ever sit around and just feel so unmotivated? I usually call it a “slump.” That’s just how I feel, lazy & unmotivated. It usually happens to me more so in the winter time. I just don’t do well being stuck inside but I also despise the cold… I would much prefer to go to the park, go camping, go kayaking or do some yard work in the backyard while the kids play in the sprinkler. None of those things are quite the same in the winter as they are in almost any of the other seasons 😆 On top of that, I live in the midwest and winter seems to last half of the year. If it could be reversed so that summer could be half of the year while the other seasons shared the other six months, then that would be perfect for me! Do you have trouble motivating yourself as I do at times?

Besides seasonally, there are other things that can put me in a slump and make me feel unmotivated. Life is chaotic and unpredictable sometimes. As adults, we have a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes those can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter what your life looks like or what’s happening in your life; everyone could possibly become overwhelmed and fall into a slump. Then, you may have trouble trying to motivate yourself. Hopefully, these ideas to motivate yourself will help you!

1. Listen to a motivating music playlist.

I have Apple Music on my phone (FYI music subscriptions like Apple Music or Spotify are discounted for college students in case you didn’t know!). On both of these music subscriptions, there is an area where you can view others’ playlists. The popular ones will be up at the top or featured. Sometimes they have names like Morning or All Day Dance Party or Happy Hour. I also came across some with names suggesting they were meant to be motivational. There are many playlists to choose from… I have found that when I’m not in the right mood or when I’m not feeling motivated then some music can get me moving. Others have had the same result. Give it a try!

2. Conquer one of your biggest tasks early in the day.

When I wake up and get through getting ready, breakfast, driving kids to school, dishes etc., I usually feel like I want to take a break. Accomplishing a complicated task is definitely at the bottom of my list. However, I have experimented with this…

Morning is the time when we have the most energy out of the entire day due to just waking. We are also the most mentally rested in the morning. This means we may have an easier time completing tasks that seem mentally draining at other times. So when I do get my butt moving early and accomplish a big task that I have been putting off, it motivates me to get stuff done the rest of the day. Those are always my most productive days where it just feels like I’m checking one thing after another off my to-do list. I feel more refreshed and less overwhelmed with each task I check off my list. At the end of the day, I get to look back. I feel such satisfaction with the number of tasks I completed.

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3. Set rewards for yourself.

I think setting appropriate rewards for yourself can also help motivate you. For example, I’ve seen people say if they get themselves to the gym all week and eat healthier, they will let themselves have a treat on the weekend. That would be the definition of an appropriate reward in my opinion. It’s best if the rewards are related to the thing you’re trying to do or not do.

4. Look at inspirational photos or videos.

For example, you may want to redecorate your house if you abhor your current living room decor. Then, you could look up some photos of what you would like the “after” to look like. This could motivate you to start working on it. Or perhaps you need to start by allocating funds to a savings account in order to have money for your redecorating project. Either way, the inspirational photos could push you to start to formulate a plan so you can accomplish your future goal of redecorating.

5. Share your thoughts, feelings, or issues with a friend.

I know I tend to suppress how I really feel. I try not to talk about it. Remaining tough in the face of issues always seems like the right thing to do, especially for my children. I’ve been trying to be a little more vulnerable though and open up to my friends and other close to me. Honestly, it is nice to open up to people and get some sympathy. Usually, it leads whoever I tell to open up about something similar they are dealing with… This helps me feel like I’m not alone but it also helps me feel less guilty about off-loading on the friend since I can turn around and be a listening ear for them as well.

More bad days than good?…

Now, if you are starting to feel like you are having more bad days than good, then you may not just be having trouble attempting to motivate yourself. If you are starting to feel like it’s not just a “slump,” you may need to consider the possibility that it’s something more. You could be depressed or going through some more major things. In that case, it could be useful to speak to a therapist or a doctor. They can help you consider other methods to help you feel like yourself again! Everyone deserves to feel motivated, happy, and joyful in life.

If you are just having a particularly unhappy day, you could look at my other recent post and maybe give yourself a laugh: “5 Random Things You Can Try to Make a Bad Day Better.”

What about you?? What do you do to motivate yourself when you’re just not feeling it? Please share your ideas below. I would love to hear them!



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    I really enjoyed reading your post, and will definitely keep these tips in mind! I feel I have been lacking motivation lately, but I am sure I will get back in the groove soon with your advice.

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    Nice tips.I personally like the 2nd tip. I have observed that when I complete the most difficult task in the early day,I feel really great about myself.

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    This is a great post, thank you. I love each of your suggestions. Pinned to one of my boards on pinterest.

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    I agree that setting rewards and getting the difficult tasks out of the way can be good, even in small ways. I practice delayed gratification throughout the day. For me, I can spend hours reading articles, so I tell myself that I must do something that takes effort and energy first (like finishing a blog post, responding to comments, etc.) and then I can read the article. It’s very effective!

    1. Avatar Author

      I agree! That is exactly how it works for me as well. Of course, I sometimes have a lazy day! But the days that I do accomplish things early are my most productive days!

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    I completely agree with all these tips. I’m in college so sometimes staying motivated is the hardest part. Absolutely loved this article great job!

    1. Avatar Author

      I’m also going to school. I returned to finish a different degree. At first, I’m always excited for new classes and learning new things. But after a while it starts to feel redundant and I start lacking the motivation, especially after years of school. I’m ready to have the degree so I can use it! I’m so close though!
      I’m glad my post helped you!!

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    You would not know how much I needed to read this. I have tried most of these, but I’ve never set rewards for myself, so it’s probably something I should try. Thanks for the post.

    1. Avatar Author

      I’m SO happy to hear that my post helped you! I struggle with getting motivated sometimes. I hoped my ideas would help someone else. I hope it works for you!
      Sometimes we KNOW these things already or they seem obvious… But I know reading them again can jog our memory or bring them to our attention or give us some new ideas. I’m glad my post did that for you!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing tips,I most of the time listen to motivational speakers and learn from them stories.This really helped me a lot finding my voice

    1. Avatar Author

      Oh!! That’s such a good idea. I’m sure there’s even some helpful, motivating podcasts out there. I didn’t think about that before. I will have to look into that. Thanks for the idea!

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    I have been waking up an hour earlier to really get big tasks taken care of before the day gets hectic and the playlist is spot on! I have a motivational playlist with all sorts of music on it! Thanks for this!

    1. Avatar Author

      That’s good to know!! Thanks for sharing.
      I really have to get on the “wake up earlier” train. I think it’s especially important when you have kids. Waking up earlier would give me more quiet time in the morning to complete some tasks.

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    I love these ideas especially conquering something early in the day. I have a routine of doing as many household chores I can right in the morning before I let myself sit down. All your ideas are great, thanks for the read!

    1. Avatar Author

      I think that is one thing that has made the greatest impact on my days! Of course, I have lazier days sometimes. But, the days I do implement that idea are my most productive days by far.

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    These are super helpful tips and they really work too! I have been doing majority of these things for the last three weeks and I am already seeing myself more motivated to create the kind of lifestyle that I desire.

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    These tips on how to motivate yourself are so good! I need to remember to celebrate the small victories.

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    Have you ever tried a happy light? I’m from the Midwest too and it’s easy to feel unmotivated in the winter. Vitamin d and the happy light help a lot!

    1. Avatar Author

      No, I haven’t tried that! I had heard of them before. Is that something I can buy on Amazon? I will have to look into it. Thanks!
      I did just stock up on vitamins, vitamin D included! Hopefully that will help some…

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    This post couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m already trying to motivate myself for the new year, and Christmas hasn’t happened yet! Very inspiring!

    1. Kate @ Kate These Days

      Oh! That’s great to hear, Lisa! I agree. I am also starting to think about next year and getting myself motivated for it. I have some goals I want to accomplish next year as well as some new habits I’d like to try to start. I am in the process of writing some more blog posts on the subject.

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    definitely number 1…..I just need to listen to the right music and I’m fine and motivated to do the task….I have different soundtrack dependent of the task at hand….it works…..music is life….

    1. Kate @ Kate These Days

      You’re welcome! Yes, give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂

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    Good inspirations though, thanks for sharing. It really easy goes down in motivations, especially when the weather is not nice, or you are missing somebody. It is nice to get some good tips to get your morale up a time to time.

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    “Listen to a motivating music playlist.” and “Set rewards for yourself” are my top two ways of motivating myself. Every morning, I listen to music every morning before work to make me ready.

    1. Kate @ Kate These Days

      Thanks for sharing! I’m glad those work for you. I don’t always get to start my day off with music but when I do play some upbeat music in the morning, it seems to put me in a better mood at least to start. I need to remember to do that more often.

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