Have you ever heard the expression “laughter is the best medicine”? It sounds like a cliche expression. But looking at something cute or funny, something that makes us laugh can really turn your day around. I think that is just one of the reasons that society is so addicted to the internet and social media. It has the opportunity to spark joy in our lives.

There are a handful of things that I like to do or lookup online if I am having a bad day.

Honestly, the first thing that is always my go-to is:

1. Puppies!

Pictures of puppies, videos of cute puppies, puppies that are available that I could potentially take home or add to my family ❤ LOVE PUPPIES.

Maybe puppies aren’t your cup of tea… But I bet that there is some animal that you love and that seeing a cute or interesting video of said animal could brighten your day a little bit! A video isn’t quite the same as seeing the real thing in person. However, a video is sometimes the closest we can get at the time. Thank goodness we have that technology at our fingertips now! YouTube is an amazing tool for videos!

2. Funny memes!

Funny memes can make me laugh or smile and make me forget about a bad day, depending on how BAD we’re talking… I usually find most of the memes I screenshot while scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. There is literally a Facebook page called “Funny Memes” that you can follow if you’re in search of more memes.

Side note: I recently joined a funny group on Facebook. It’s called “Please show Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! !” I like having something funny pop up on my wall as I scroll through. It is a hilarious group though!! 10/10 I would highly recommend.

3. Vacation dreaming & planning

It seems like most people like traveling or at least like the idea of traveling, as in looking at all of the beautiful scenery and reading/watching videos about some of the wondrous sights there are to see in other countries. I mean I know some don’t love the cost of traveling or all of the effort involved in planning and packing. But even those people usually like looking at pictures, videos, and reading about some of the many wonders of the world.

Somehow planning a vacation and/or exploring that topic via the internet always makes me feel so hopeful and turns my day around. It’s like that Internet search makes me start realizing how vast the world is and how many places I have yet to see. It kind of motivates me to keep taking care of my necessary adult responsibilities so that I can eventually have the opportunity to travel more… Because the fact is you can’t travel without money and you can’t really leave for a trip without taking care of your responsibilities first and “tying up all of the loose ends” so to speak.

4. Walking outside or even in a beautiful park.

Sometimes it’s necessary to drop your chores and things and just go for a walk. For example, cleaning inside the house can feel mundane or sometimes the mess can feel overwhelming (like if you have a few tornadoes [I mean kids] that run around your house)… It can really help me to just drop the mess for a few minutes and go for a walk outside. OR even loading the family up in the car and going to a park to get a breath of fresh air can really turn the day around. We have a park near us that is free and so pretty with flowers and fountains.

After taking a breath of fresh air or a kind of mental health break briefly, I usually come back home and get everything clean AND more. I am always so much more productive if I let myself take a break when I am so overwhelmed. It can also change my whole mood and outlook on life. I used to not allow myself to take breaks when I was set on getting something accomplished. However, as my life has just continued to get busier and more overwhelming, I’ve been allowing myself to slow down sometimes. Only then did I realize that taking these breaks or steps back when I’m overwhelmed has actually led to an increase in productivity. I can take my breaks and accomplish everything I want also. It’s really a win-win situation.

5. Goal planning & list making.

Now, I’m just a planner by nature… sooo this last one may not be something that will turn everyone else’s mood around. I know some friends who would prefer to do things to laugh and forget their problems versus make plans to accomplish more in their life in order to fix their problems. Personally, I like to do a little bit of both to make a bad day better.

When I start to feel like I’m having one bad day after another, I like to sit down and kind of evaluate my life. This can really help me feel hopeful for the future. It can help me feel like I readjusted the path I was on.

… set goals.

I start by sitting down and writing out some goals… like where I was hoping to be in the next five years maybe. I think about how my goals have changed over the last year or two. Then, I think about some smaller, short-term goals. I need to be accomplishing short-term goals now to accomplish my long-term goals in the future. Life likes to throw curve balls so it is really necessary to evaluate your goals and make adjustments periodically.

Sometimes I go as far as breaking down the short-term goals into a daily to-do list. I’ve found over the years that in order to keep myself on a path to a goal, I have to keep myself extra accountable and consistent. Consistency is something I struggle with… I wrote a little about this before in a blogging tip article. In order to remain consistent and accountable, I think it helps to be working on something daily. Even checking in on how you’re doing practically daily helps. Like maybe take out a journal or list every night before you turn the light off for bed… Just take a quick glance at it and make sure you’re still on track!

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Well, THERE! That was my quick list of a handful of my “go-to’s” for when I’m having a bad day… or sometimes it’s more like a bad WEEK!

Anyway, I would LOVE to hear from you! What are some of the things you gravitate towards to make a bad day better?



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