This blog is me learning how to do life; how to stay organized; how to be “true to myself”; how to take good care of my family. This is just me. I didn’t think I should create a blog so I could teach you guys everything I know because I seriously fail at life at least half of the time! I’m just doing the best job I can. This is more so where I want to share my life’s epiphanies, great deals I find, or good recipes. Sometimes I come to realizations that there was something different I could have been doing all along that would have made things easier. I want to share those things with you guys. That is why I wanted to start this blog. I also can’t wait to hear all of your opinions!

As you probably already know, my name is Kate (short for Katelyn). I live in the Midwest where we have winter half of the year…  I am a mother of 3 little ones. I grew up in the country and now live down in the city in a larger metro area. Even though I have lived in this area for almost a decade, I still feel like I am getting used to living in the city sometimes. I think I just miss the country and living on acres and acres of property. I currently have two dogs, a Pomeranian named Gannon and a Black Lab named Jäger. I do stay at home with my kids right now. After my kids go to bed for the night, you’ll find me working on homework. I am trying to finish up my Bachelor’s degree. I just have ONE more year!! I am sure I will find more to add to this page in the future. Right now, that’s all I have!
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