Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? Do you hate being overwhelmed by all of your clothing choices in the morning? Do you sometimes have to change a few times before putting together an outfit that matches? …Wow! That sounded like the start of an infomercial 😆 Anyway, a capsule wardrobe can solve all of those problems. It can save you a lot of time in the morning!

The first step to creating a capsule wardrobe is to select two coordinating colors (and throw in a neutral or two on top of that). For my daughter’s capsule wardrobe, I selected blush pink and wine red. Cream and navy blue were our neutrals. These clothes are her new school clothes for Fall and into Winter months. It gets very cold here in the Midwest in Fall and Winter. However, when school started we were still having 80+ degree days. So I tried compiling this with both the current and future weather in mind. At the same time, I still wanted a minimalistic wardrobe for her so that she could dress in the mornings without being overwhelmed with clothing options.

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I took a look at what others were doing for capsule wardrobes and compared that to articles I found about the typical clothing amounts per child, like how many shirts were recommended, how many pairs of pants, etc. You also need to think about how often you usually do laundry and how messy your child is and often he/she is going to be changing clothes. For example, a child whose younger in age may need to change their clothes more often than an older child who knows how to stay cleaner OR you may just know yourself well enough to know as an adult even you drop food on yourself at every meal! haha in which case, you may want to add more shirts/pants to these numbers.

Based on my child and our laundry habits, I concluded that she needed 9 shirts and 6 pairs of pants. I also bought her 4 dresses, a couple sweaters, a sweatshirt, a light jacket, and a parka (warmer, winter) coat. I also bought her a pair of converse that is leather and velcro so they wipe clean and she can get them on and off by herself. She has a few pairs of boots (winter and riding boots and a hiking style of boot) and play sneakers as well. I want to add that besides these clothes she also has a handful of play clothes that she can throw on after school to go play outside. Then, I don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or ruining any of the new, “good” clothes.

Our favorite stores to shop for capsule wardrobe, “basic” type of clothes at are either Old Navy or Target. Both stores have inexpensive clothes yet their clothing holds up well for the price point. Not to mention that the clothes are so cute!

The key to a capsule wardrobe and dealing with a minimal amount of clothing is making sure basically every piece matches each other and can be worn together. Then, you can really just grab any pair of pants and any shirt and it will look great together! Putting all of this thought into your entire wardrobe beforehand will save you time later. I know we could all use some extra time in our day!

Capsule Wardrobe Recap (so far in this post):

  • First step: Pick a color scheme
  • Next: Figure out what amount of clothing is right based on you (or your child) and your laundry habits.
  • Then: Figure out where you’re going to shop.
  • Remember: Make sure every piece matches and can be worn together.

The last thing I would highly recommend is to download a collage app on your phone. My favorite is Layout (by Instagram). It is simple and very user-friendly. I use the collage app to compile all of the pictures of clothes like shirts on top or pants on the bottom, or all of the pants together and all of the shirts together, etc. It just helps me get an overall visual of the wardrobe without being able to see it all together in person.

I’m going to apologize for the messy screenshots and collages in advance! Here are the items I chose for my daughter:

All of these are from Old Navy recently. Most of them are still available right now! She had her coats already but there are a lot of cute ones at Old Navy right now! Like these two:

Her new Converse are available on Amazon. Here is a picture and a link:

The tongue of the sneaker is pink glitter and my daughter is obsessed! They’re cute and functional.

LINK to these Converse

Keep in mind I am a capsule wardrobe newbie! But I hope to do this for each of my children and even for myself. For some reason, I’m under the impression that it will be much harder to get myself to succumb to a minimal capsule wardrobe. It’s probably because I have collected so many clothes over the years that it is really more about getting rid of clothing for me (and then possibly buying a few new pieces). Whereas, for my daughter, she was in need of the next size of clothing and so we were basically starting from scratch.

Deciding what clothing to get rid of sounds more difficult though. Much of my clothing seems to have sentimental value now after keeping it for years. I have many memories wearing these clothes. I also think that adult wardrobes are a little more complicated… Adults usually have more accessories or may want to wear heels instead of sneakers etc.

Have you done a capsule wardrobe before? I would love to hear about your experience! Feel free to leave me a comment below!

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