And something I struggle with myself…

On this blogging journey, I have joined many blogging Facebook groups. I have also fallen down a black hole of blogger tips & advice through Pinterest. This led me to type in my email address for every promise of help for “bettering your blog” or “keys to blogging success.” After realizing that many of those articles, posts, and emails all contain slightly different variations of the same information, I then had to waste time unsubscribing from all of those emails. I want to write this article to potentially save you some time and energy. If you’re like me, you feel like there is never enough time in a day to accomplish everything. I hope this can help save you some time! This may be the only blogging tip you will ever need. It’s also something I struggle with considerably.

Side note: I do want to say though that just because some of the information I received seemed repetitive, some was still useful. I have learned a lot from the Facebook groups especially. Currently, I think I am in three different Facebook blogging groups. That seems like the right amount for me. By the right amount, I mean that I can keep up with those three groups without becoming overwhelmed.

This one tip I have can honestly be applied to any aspect of life. I am trying to implement this in everything I do; any task I take on; any habit I try to form. Okay! Here it is! My one and only blogging tip you will ever need:

  • Be consistent and balanced in all things.

What does that mean exactly?

By maintaining consistency in blogging, I would publish regular posts. This would also mean that I regularly check social media and pin to Pinterest etc. It would also mean to be consistent with my fonts, graphics, and colors on my website. If we were balanced and consistent in continuing to gain knowledge regarding blogging, it would mean we would not try to binge through information. Instead, we would read or watch videos on the subject at a steady pace. Doing it that way helps us retain the information better and for an extended period of time. If we read 200 pages of a book all at once, we may have trouble remembering certain details of the book. If we read 20 pages a day over 10 days, chances are we will retain the details of that reading better long-term.

This book metaphor could be applied to learning about everything involved in a blog like search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, etc. If we are consistent with taking in smaller amounts of information over a long time period, then we will have a better chance of keeping that information around for longer when it is done on a regular basis and when the topic is accessed regularly in our mind.

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My struggles

Even though I know that consistency is key, I still struggle with this! I really try but I seem to be an “all or nothing” person by nature. I like to devote my whole self to whatever project I’m working on to the point that I can forget to eat or drink or take care of myself properly at times. It is really an unhealthy habit. Breaking this habit is one of the most difficult things I have encountered. Actually, I think that this may be a habit I’m never able to break. It seems like it is more about keeping the habit under control instead of breaking it completely.

Here are TWO things I have done to help me with my bad habit:

  • The best thing I have done to try to stay on track and be consistent is to keep a schedule. Staying organized and having a schedule has helped me with being balanced and consistent.
  • The second thing I have done to help is to go easy on myself. When I realize how I have let some responsibilities go in order to get a project done, I tend to beat myself up. I usually end up feeling like I can’t keep everything together like other people seem to accomplish. I also tend to think that I must need to work harder (even though I already feel like I am at my limits). It’s tough!

Honestly, if people were balanced and consistent in all things in life, life would be better. If it was that easy to be balanced and consistent in how much we exercise, how much sugar we consume, how much time we devote to cleaning our house, pets, kids, cars, yard, etc., then life would run smoother.

You may want to check out my post regarding how I use paper or electronic planners and how they help me stay organized. Here is the post: Paper or Electronic Planner? (click here).

So what do you think??

Have you implemented a consistent schedule for blogging? Has that helped you be more successful as a blogger? I want to hear from you! Let me know. Leave a comment below, please!

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    I love how you shared your own struggles in this post. I must admit that I struggle with consistency myself and I am trying to create a schedule and make sure that I stick to it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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